*The following are general guidelines. Upon making your appointment, please ask if additional preparations are needed before your procedure.*


No preparation is required. For your comfort, you may wish to wear comfortable clothing without metal closures.

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Non contrast: no special preparations. Contrast studies: No food for 4 hours before the exam. Clear liquids may be consumed up to 1 hour before the exam.


Abdomen/Gallbladder: Do not eat or drink anything for 6 hours prior to the exam. Pelvic ultrasound: You will need a full bladder. Do not urinate 1 hour prior to your appointment time. Drink 32 ounces of fluid 1 hour prior to your appointment time. Do not urinate until after the exam.

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Do not use powders, deodorants, lotions, or perfume on the day of your exam. These products may contain substances that show up on x-ray film and could cause an unsatisfactory exam. Please bring your most recent mammogram if it was done at another facility.

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Bone Density

Avoid calcium supplements 24 hours prior to your exam. If possible, wear a 2 piece outfit so you will not need to disrobe entirely and avoid wearing clothing with metal zippers, buttons, etc.

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No preparation is needed

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Pre-Exam Forms